ActivIdentity's logical access control solutions are used the world-over. There is growing demand to combine this type of identity control (for digital interactions) with the security and solutions that are traditionally seen with physical access control and secure token issuance.

Leader in physical access controls, HID, has recently acquired ActivIdentity. These solutions, when used in unison, will allow single smart card, key fob, or existing building access card to support multiple authentication methods (multi-factor and advanced authentication) while enforcing policies throughout the enterprise. The same technology that can get you into your building can now get you secure access to your computer and your enterprise-wide applications.

HID, combined with ActivIdentity, can now offer the best logical access control solutions available including ActivClient 6.2 for Common Access Card (CAC), ActivClient 6.2 for Commercial, ActivID Card Management System (CMS), ActivIdentity SecureLogin Single-Sign On (ESSO), and ActivIdentity ActivID Card Management System Appliance (CMS Appliance).

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